Fyffe High School

A Brief Look at Fyffe High School History

The first school at Fyffe was constructed in 1901 where the present Masonic Hall now stands. Sim Hansard was the first teacher. It was called Durham School.

The first building constructed on the present site of Fyffe Elementary School had but three rooms and a faculty of three: Will Elrod, Principal, Mrs. P. C. Millirons, and Miss Eula Ballentine. The exact date of construction has not been determined, but it is estimated to have been in the early nineteen hundreds. The building grew and was added on to until it looked like the current building. For several years this building was the only one on the campus. In 1932 grades one through twelve were taught in this building. Several rooms and an auditorium had been added. The auditorium served also as a gymnasium.


Fyffe High School Sports

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2014 Fyffe Cheerleaders State Championship

Fyffe speaks with the media after winning 2014 Class 2A state championship



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